Propeller Ads deliver multi-channel monetization

With so many ways to make money online, it can get a little confusing which avenue to choose. You could write your own eBook, sell affiliate products or create a list and hope prospects buy what you email. But all of them take a lot of time and effort and don’t guarantee you with revenue.

Maybe you can’t write so well, don’t know which affiliate products to sell or are hopeless with list building – then what? 

Propeller Ads – that’s what. 

Unlike any other form of website monetization, Propeller Ads doesn’t require you to have any skills or online marketing knowledge.

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The network was founded in 2011 with the basic idea for providing clickable ads for website audience and in turn generating revenues from them. They have come a long way in their ordeal and are currently providing more than 650 million daily ad impressions for desktop and mobile visitors. That is a wonderful achievement.
Here are advantages of Propellerads

1) It Is Open To All
People who are already sworn to other networks can add it for some extra passive income and so can those people who have been rejected by AdSense for any legally authentic reasons possible like content terms and payment terms etc.
People who have only worked with Cost per Action or CPA networks before can also take benefits of this ad network and expand their monetization strategy.
This is a big plus for me as the network keeps its promise to make the benefits of online marketing available to anyone.

2) It Is Publisher Friendly
Many ad networks have many constraints and restrictions when it comes to placing and formatting ads. Such is not the case with Propeller Ads. As discussed above there are multiple formats from which the publishers can choose for both desktop and mobile. The CPM rates are high and the fill rate for international traffic is a 100%!
Their system also has built in algorithms which tests numerous CPA/PPI/PPC affiliate programmes and finds the one which is most useful for your website. That means a lot of time and energy is saved!
Another huge plus with this network is that there is no threshold traffic. This means that even if your website is new and not gaining the traffic to the desired level you can still apply for ads here. This is not the case with AdSense or other ad networks. The registration is quick, easy and hassle free. To top it up, the referral program offers 5% of corresponding referral revenues to publishers for life. Attractive isn’t it?

3) It Is Advertiser Friendly Too!
The network has a huge international reach of websites which provides quick reach to your target audience, no matter where they are. Plus it targets web and mobile traffic alike to boost your sales and engagement.
The entire spectrum of target opportunities is huge and simplified here instead of being small and complex. All programmes ranging from CPM or CPA or CPL or PPI are performance based. On top of that each advertiser gets a personal account manager which makes communication more open, transparent and productive.
They also use BRANDSAFE defence technology to protect the name of your brand. The target traffic is also superior as it involves targeting by geographic location, day parting, by frequency capping and by Operating System recognition.

4) On Click Ads
This feature is quite interesting. Here user initiated full page advertisements that may be implemented anywhere on the page are provided. So, there is no use of high click ads through creative. The user or visitor is automatically directed to the offer.

5) Video Ads Friendly
They provide in-banner video ads in the form of pre-rolls, mid-rolls, post-rolls and pre-game. These are only 10 to 30 seconds of video advertisements which run at the start of video content or flash games.
This host of features do make it a very strong and attractive choice for both publishers and advertisers. It provides publishers to earn increased passive income from their websites and posts ads which are relevant to the content of these websites.
It assures you of the highest CPM rates possible and also has easy payment and withdrawal options. You can choose from the various payment options, whichever goes in sync with your resources.
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