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Get Paid To (GPT) websites are becomingly increasingly popular as they enable you to earn money online by completing a wide variety of tasks and offers.
Sites work with a range of advertisers who pay them for consumer feedback on their products and services. GPT sites then share these earnings with their members.
You need to sign up with a GPT site before you can start completing paid tasks. Earnings can usually be paid directly into your PayPal account or to other online payment providers (e.g. Skrill) and sometimes directly to your bank account.
Then you start by selecting the type of task you want to complete. Below you’ll find the types of tasks that you can get paid for. Click each one for more details.
In addition GetPaidTo offers its members the opportunity to earn cashback on their online purchases by working with thousands of retail brands. We take this a step further with our unique Cashback Boosts. Simply put, when you have earned points from paid tasks on the site, you can choose to use those points in part, or full, payment of your cashback shopping. By doing so you will earn extra cashback on the points you used, up to a 100% return, making your purchased goods free!
All of these activities offer an incentive, so at GetPaidTo we have brought them altogether in one place so that you can reap the biggest rewards possible.

Why Choose GetPaidTo

  • 3 simple steps – Register...Earn...Redeem
  • Earn money online from home
  • Get paid to complete easy tasks
  • Redeem for gift cards, prizes or cashout to paypal
  • Get top cashback rates on your shopping
  • Max your cashback up to 100% with our exclusive Cashback Boosts
  • Enjoy big savings with thousands of discount vouchers
  • Introduce friends and get paid!


Benefits and how to earn money at

Save money by shopping online at thousands of high street retailers via GetPaidTo to earn cashback on purchases and by getting access to discount vouchers and codes to get money off.

Cashback Boosts
Their unique Cashback Boosts combine the best of their Earn & Save opportunities by enabling members to allocate their GPT Points to purchases, resulting in even more cashback up to 100% of the product’s price, making it free! Read more aboutCashback Boost

Tell a friend
Get Paid To sites love it when you introduce your friends to them. And why wouldn’t you? It’s great for your friend to be able to earn some free money and rewards and actually it’s great for you too. Nearly every GPT site has a referrals program which means every time you introduce a friend and they sign up, you become entitled to commission on their points earnings (these are not taken from your friend’s earnings, but are paid separately to you).

  • $5 Cash Bonus

    You get a $5 cash bonus per friend once they reach £10 in confirmed cashback
  • Plus 15% Commission

    You also get 15% commission on any GPT points your friend earns
  • Bonus for your friend

    Your friend receives $5 once they hit $10 in confirmed 

  • Paid To Click
    One of the easiest routes to start earning is to get paid to click. Simply click on adverts provided to you and watch them for approximately 20 to 30 seconds and you’ll get paid. There is now a huge number of Paid To Click (PTC) sites around so it’s wise to stick with the better known and more established sites.

    Paid To Post
    Another simple way to earn money is to post to an advertiser’s forum, blog, or to their social pages. Advertisers are keen to have new content generated by users, so a facebook post or a tweet can be a good way to earn when you don’t have much spare time. You can also get paid to read emails at some sites.

    Paid Surveys
    Taking part in paid surveys is a very popular method of making money online. It’s a flexible job as it can be done to fit around other things and it’s one of the best paying types of task on offer. A typical survey will take around 30 minutes to complete.

    Get Paid To Play Games
    You can sometimes make money by playing games too! But not all GPT sites offer this option so it pays to look around and see what’s on offer.

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