Bidvertiser One Of Oldest Advertising Network In The Net

Bidvertiser is another advertising agency that is a great option for those who have been banned from adsense. Bidvertiser have been around since 2003 and are unique in the fact that not only do they pay per click but also on conversions too, which can lead to a very healthy income stream.

Like most other pay per click agencies, Bidvertiser ensure that only the highest paying ads are displayed on your site. We received immediate confirmation that our account had been activated after sign up.

Bidvertiser provides complete control to its publishers and advertisers by using a bidding method. On Bidvertiser, publishers can sell their ad spaces directly to the advertisers. Usually Bidvertiser provides an ad code that you have to place on your site where you want to show the ad then advertisers place bids for your ad space and the advertiser with the highest big gets the ad space to show his/her ad. In this way publishers get the highest rates for their ad spaces and advertisers get the best conversion rates. Bidvertiser is a CPC, PPC model based ad network, so, you get paid for clicks rather than for impressions. Bidvertiser offers good service and support for its publishers, you can contact them anytime via email or phone. This is the overview, so, lets have a deeper look of Bidvertiser to know its pros and cons:

Sign Up And Approval:

Sign up is easy, the all you need to do, is to fill up some details about you like name, email, username, password etc. And after verifying your email address you can instantly log in to your account. In your account you have to submit your site for approval and once it is approved then you can start showing Bidvertise’rs ads on your site to earn money. Approval on Bidvertiser is easy, Bidvertiser approves most of the sites including low traffic and sub domain sites. Usually Bidvertiser takes one or two days to approve any website. 

Make money from your Website or Blog with BidVertiser 

Bidvertiser does not allow Adult Content sites.

Ad Formats:

Basically Bidvertiser offers two types of ads which are banner ads and slider ads. Bidvertiser offers all standard banners types and sizes like 468*60 banners, leader boards, skyscrapers, rectangles and mobile banners.

Stats Reporting System:

Bidvertiser offers a very good reporting system where you can see all the necessary details about your ads performance. It shows stats for all of your banners and also offers various filters that you can use to breakdown your reports. The only con in their reporting system is that it updates once in a day, so, if you want to see the stats of today then you have to wait for a day to see it, that is, you can see it on tomorrow.

Minimum Payout:

The minimum amount required to cash-out on Bidvertiser is only 10$, which is quiet low if we compare it with its competitors. Since it offers very low minimum payout, so, small publishers can easily reach that total.

Payment Frequency:

Bidvertiser pays its publishers on monthly basis, that is, payments are sent within 30 days after the end of each calendar month.

Payment Options:

Bidvertiser offers various payment options to its publishers, which are PayPal, Check, Bank Wire and Western Union.

Referral Program:

Like other ad networks Bidvertiser also offers a good referral program which is for both advertiser and publisher.

  • If you refer an advertiser and when he/she spends first 10$ then your account will be credited with 10$. And, when the same advertiser spends 50$ then your account will be credited with additional 20$.
  • If you refer a publisher and when he/she first earns 10$ then your account will be credited with 10$. And, when the same publisher earns 50$ then your account will be credited with additional 40$.

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