Prosperent generate great revenue for you

If you’ve been doing affiliate marketing or CPA work you’ve probably started to hear about Prosperent. You might ask what is Prosperent well it’s the blend of two great platforms into one. Basically what it is the best part affiliate marketing blended into banner based advertising like adsense or chitika but better.  They manage relationships with merchants, clean datafeeds, and provide a variety of publisher tools to get products on your site quickly and easily.

It is accepting new websites with low traffic.So if you have just started new website then this is one affiliate program to look for.It does not have traffic requirement but it does have strict quality restrictions.It does not accept websites with religious material,adult content or political material.
In case you meet the content guidelines of Prosperent then you can sign up for it using this affiliate link of mine.
Payment Options
Prosperent supports two payment options PayPal and Payoneer.The minimum payment threshold for PayPal is $5.But in case of Payoneer the minimum payment threshold is $20.In both the cases the transaction fees for US is 0.But in case of non US publishers the transaction fees is 2% for PayPal.The maximum transaction fees charged is only $20.But in case of Payoneer the transaction fees is 0 for non US publishers as well.
The transaction fees charged in case of PayPal does not include the PayPal fees.Also Payoneer requires one time activation fees of $9.95.So you can decide which ever payment option is suitable for you.The low minimum payment threshold does make it an attractive affiliate program.The payment term is Net-30.That is you will get paid the next month after reaching payment threshold of $5 in case of PayPal payment.

If you have a blog where you are driving highly targeted traffic with money/commerce keywords or if you running an E-commerce or review blog, Prosperent can generate great revenue for you. Looking at the merchant list, I could say it would work mostly for U.S. and U.K. based traffic.

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