make money without any website by join LinkBuck

LinkBucks is leader in social marketing and you make money very simple and easy way. You can make money by sharing of your favourite links. LinkBucks is an ad company that doesnt load you down with rules and restrictions, allows you to control your own placements, and pays out twice per month.

With LinkBucks affiliate program is possible to make money also without any website - so here is the chance for those who do not believe in making money on internet (you just try it with no cost). You need just to submit there links that you would submit somewhere else (funny youtube videos, sites you like,...) and you collect linkbucks links which you post and show to your friends on forums, blogs,... (these links are like cloaked or tyniurl links) Your friends you shared the link with will get to the page you wanted to show but first they will watch an AD and there you get paid!!!

As was said above payments are sent twice per month via paypal. So what are you waiting for?


One of the best ways to earn money is to refer other people to use the Linkbucks referral program. We will contribute a percentage on top of what your referred users generate. Not only will you get 20% of their earnings, but you also get a % of the members they refer!

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