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Donkeymails is launched at February 3th 2005. Now less than 2 years later we've reached our 100,000 Member! start with earning and cashout at no-minimum!!

Each advertiser pays a different amount per unique visit. These amounts change frequently so they cannot give an exact amount for each visit, however they do give you a large percentage of the amount they earn and your earnings for a paid mail will never be below 1/4th cent.

You may request payment by E-gold after you have earned 1 cent.
As soon as you reach payout, you will see the redemption option appear in your account area, after submitting your redemption request, we will validate your account, and then begin the payment process. You will also have the option to redeem your earnings for discounted advertising with them. When you qualify, you will see what options are available to you in your account area.
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Members: Receive only the Advertising that Interests You!
  • FREE Membership
  • No minimum E-gold Payout!
  • Low $1 Paypal and Alertpay Payout
  • Earn extra money playing games
  • High Rewarding USA/Search Country Signup Offers!
  • Earn Reading Our eMails
  • Get Paid for Clicking on ads
  • Get Paid for sign-ups
  • Complete tasks with the toolbar and earn money
  • Payouts through E-gold, Paypal and Alertpay
  • Payouts will be made weekly!
  • Earn extra money playing games
  • Get Paid To Promote $0.75 per 1,000 Credits!

Only 10% activity required for Referral earnings!
No minimum E-gold Payout!
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